There is No "I" in T.H.E.M.

The Health Exchange Market is a revolutionary decentralized economy for medical registries where all healthcare stakeholders can come to realize the full potential of secure, transparent data commercialization. 

We are a passionate team of healthcare professionals, technology experts, and innovators working to ensure that Big Data is used to further innovation and research, generate new revenue streams for organizations, and foster a system built on collaboration. We are building solutions for today, and shaping the standards of tomorrow.

Furthering our mission and refining our solutions means collaboration with our advisory team, top academia and commercial partners, and regulatory agencies.

We believe a commercial medical registry marketplace will improve the way research is performed, guide future standardization methods, and provide opportunities to patients and organizations that have never before been available.

T.H.E.M. Leadership

Paul Lucking

Paul Lucking

Chief Operating Officer

Julie Vo

VP of Research and Development

Norm Snyder

Norman Snyder

Chief Technology Officer

James Hurron

Vice President of Implementation

Brian Craven

Brian Craven

Vice president of risk mitigation and in-house legal

Helen Golladay

Director of Clinical Project management

Strategic Advisors

David Hicks, MD

Director of Surgical Pathology, URMC

Anupam Goel The Health Exchange Market

Dr. Anupam Goel

Insurance & Claims

John Marshall, Ph.D

Author, Professor, Retired Hospital CEO

Jeanine Martin

Global Health Strategist

Bruce Powell

Executive Recruitment, HCA & CEO HealthNet Resources

Jerry Hussey

Jerry Hussey

Consultant, Former CIO of HCA Physician Services & Shared Services

Ray Guzman

CEO SwitchPoint Ventures

Charles Hagood, Ph.D

Partner & Practice Leader

Chris Sloan, JD

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Michael Mover, MBA

CIO Corizon Health

Elizabeth Thomas The Health Exchange Market

Elizabeth Thomas

Communications & Outreach

Josh Harvey, CPA, CPHIMS

Health IT Policy & Strategy

John A. Roberts

Interoperability & Standards

Fred Pira The Health Exchange Market

Fred Pira

Specialty EHR & Patient Tracking

David Veenhuyzen The Health Exchange Market

Dr. David Veenhuyzen

Drug R&D

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The Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.) is based in Nashville, TN.

Our mission is to promote collaboration and liberate medical data registries by making them available to the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on our passion for healthcare and determination to improve the system.

T.H.E.M. is where sellers and buyers of medical registries collaborate, where patients are empowered through technology, and where our members come together to give back to the healthcare community.

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