George Washington Carver

With all the recent exciting developments in healthcare technology, I would like to highlight a forgotten hero, George Washington Carver. Iíve been carrying around his picture in my wallet since 2007, and I reflect on it often. Most people donít realize that oil, rubber, diesel fuel, plastics, soaps, and of course, peanut butter are just a few of his many scientific discoveries that we could not imagine life without today.

Mr. Carver was considered the Bill Gates of his time, but he chose to donate all of his money to help underprivileged children receive an education, while residing in a one bedroom apartment and teaching school.

GWC did not seek fame, power, or money. He walked by faith, remained humble, was generous with his rewards, and ended up vastly improving the course of history forever without ever asking for credit. That is the definition of a hero. And what THEM strives for daily.

If a man born into slavery, with no family, hope, or support can impact the lives of billions, whoís to say that you canít, too? We at The Health Exchange Market commend the efforts of GWC and all others who are actively seeking to improve the landscape of healthcare through innovation. If this sounds like your organization, we would love to speak to you!

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