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Established 2016 | Nashvile, TN | Seeking $4.25MM Investment

Who we are

The Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.) is a revolutionary online marketplace, aimed at creating a decentralized economy within the current healthcare ecosystem. Our platform allows medical and healthcare based organizations the ability to realize new and ongoing revenue streams through data commercialization. Organizations, researchers, and other healthcare professionals can find and secure prospective and/or retrospective de-identified medical data. Tools such as out patient/clinician-facing application are designed to provide users with additional utilities aimed at the improvement of care, aggregation of larger, more robust data sets, and bringing the largest possible audience into our global data marketplace.

We believe our technology will improve the way research is performed, guide future standardization models, and provide opportunities for patients and organizations that have never before been available.


The Health Exchange Market, founded by Collin D. Powell, is comprised of passionate team members, a prestigious and diverse advisory board, coalition partners, and a member community.

T.H.E.M. is seeking

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Current Market

Increased adoption of data-driven technology

Need for one-time and recurring healthcare data

Organizations required to store and host data for up to 8 years for compliance and auditing

Upcoming Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) requires U.S. healthcare facilities share data and become interooperable or be penalized.


Flatiron Health

Acquired by Roche for $1.9BB

Data Brokers

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Buyer’s Market

Internal Teams

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Key Success Factors

Defensive patents filed

Positioning and promoting as innovators

Unique solution to TEFCA requirements

Multi-channel membership

Market Value Partners (MVP)

Referral Partner Program

Mobile app for patients & clinicians

Blockchain integration

Marketing to enterprise AI companies


Projected Net Revenue

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The Health Exchange Market (THEM) is based in Nashville, TN.

Our mission is to promote collaboration and liberate medical data by making it available to the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on our passion for healthcare and determination to improve the system.

THEM is where data sellers and buyers collaborate, where patients are empowered through technology, and where our members come together to give back to the healthcare community.

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Curtis Hudson

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