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THEM has been successful in 97 product launches, 100 clinical trials, 40+ grnats, ranging from Oncology to Rare Diseases. Although not limited to Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases, we are passionate about helping these underserved communities.


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Client testimonial

working with THEM was great. They sourced all the available grants we were eligible for, wrote the abstract, created the budget, recruited all the required collaborators, developed reporting strtucutre, helped build a sustainable and scalable business approach, and submitted early. They did all this in under one month!!

Marci Gregory


Clinical Trials

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John Doe




  • Product Development or Regulatory Approval, 510k approval, etc.
  • Are you interested in participating in a grant, clinical trial, or research project? Please click which one and we will get to work immediately!
  • Find collaboroatrs — there will be 6 “what we do” total