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Big Data is changing health care.

We’re making sure it’s for the better.

We’re on a mission.

We believe medical data registries should be secure, available, and beneficial to everyone. Our members chose THEM because our mission is to further their mission. Whether you’re a patient, provider, researcher, or other medical organization we invite you to join us in building the next-generation of data powered healthcare solutions.

The time has come to break down registry silos and cultivate a medical industry based on collaboration, transparency, and quality patient care. Learn more about what we’re doing to transform healthcare.



Data is the fuel that powers innovation and the demand for robust registries is growing by the day. But when you need to leverage data for research or to improve diagnostics, products, or treatments where do you start?

T.H.E.M. is your portal to a de-identified medical registry custom tailored to your exact needs. With T.H.E.M., you have the power to negotiate aggregate transactions with multiple parties as a seller or buyer through a secure, transparent process.

Access an entirely new revenue stream for your healthcare organization by listing your registry for sale. You don’t have to upload your registry to our server, simply create a listing and let T.H.E.M. do the rest.

If you’re not a member already, what are you waiting for?

Secure Marketplace


We take privacy seriously.

A medical registry must be de-identified to be on our marketplace. Algorithms scrub for PHI, which gets rejected, ensuring HIPAA compliance from start to finish. Your registry is encrypted – only you and those you authorize can view it.

Create your first listing in under 10 minutes with no need to upload your registry first!

Convenient Negotiating


T.H.E.M. puts you in the driver seat.

Negotiate with multiple parties at once and automatically find the best price based on past sales, use-cases, and other variables.

You set the terms and always know who is buying your registry, why, and for how long.

Automatic Marketplace


Set your budget, the specifications of your ideal medical registry, and let us do the rest.

Locate registries by region, demographics, conditions, or a number of other variables to find exactly what you need.

Our automated matching means you can sit back while your perfect registry comes to you.

Experience T.H.E.M like never before

We provide our members with an array of technical services at discounted prices.  

Manage Your Data

Organize your data

Now all your health records, documents, and health data from third-party apps and services can be stored in one convenient location.

New doctor? With our app you can share any relevant data with your physician.

Understand your conditions

With a suite of clinically-relevant diagnostic tools* and tailored educational material you can gain a greater insight into your conditions and diseases.

Sell Your Data

Sell your data, improve healthcare

Get matched to clinical trials and other healthcare companies who are buying medical registries to improve products, develop cures, and improve the quality of health care.

See who’s buying your data and why with transaction tracking. Opt in or out at any time.

Read over the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the app.

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The Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.) is based in Nashville, TN.

Our mission is to promote collaboration and liberate medical data registries by making them available to the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on our passion for healthcare and determination to improve the system.

T.H.E.M. is where sellers and buyers of medical registries collaborate, where patients are empowered through technology, and where our members come together to give back to the healthcare community.

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